The ship editor allows the player to fully customize the inside of the their spaceship.

The size and shape of the interior of the ship conforms to the size and shape of the exterior 3D model. It is a common misconception that the ship is larger on the inside than the outside; this perception derives from the fact that walking speed is much slower in the ship than outside it.

From the editor, it is possible to add or remove any areas (tiles) within the ship. Tiles which exist allow the player to walk there; tiles which do not exist result in inaccessible areas cut off by walls. This can be useful, as fires can only start and spread on tiles which exist.

The editor also permits the addition or removal of any entities (objects), which can be placed anywhere and in any orientation, as well as ceiling lights in various colours.

Tilesets Edit

These are the different types of floor, wall and ceiling. They have strikingly different visuals, but the differences have no gameplay effect.

  • Bridge
  • Living Area
  • Bathroom
  • Engineering
  • Corridor
  • Holoscreen (Not Pictured)

Tilesets, from left to right: Bridge, Living Area, Bathroom, Engineering, Corridor

Entities Edit

Functional entities Edit

These entities do something (see their individual pages for details).

Functional entities 1

Left: Archives. Right: Bulkhead door (surrounded by walls). Front: Fire extinguisher. On Bridge tileset.

Functional entities 2

From left to right: Operations computer, pilot station, pilot wave radio, scanners. On Bridge tileset.

Decorative entities - technical Edit

These non-critical entities have something to do with the ship's general function.

  • Barrel
  • Battery Array
  • Crate
  • Generator
  • Limnal Drive
  • Pressurized Tank
Decorative entities - technical

From left to right: Barrel, battery array, crate, generator, Limnal drive, pressurized tank. On Engineering tileset.

Decorative entities - furniture Edit

These non-critical entities enhance the ship's comfort and aesthetics for humans.

  • Bed
  • Desk
  • Desk Chair
  • Dresser
  • EndTable
  • House Plant
  • Pilot Chair
  • Rug
  • Shelves
  • Storage Closet
  • Storage Table
Decorative entities - furniture 1

From left to right: Bed, desk, desk chair, dresser, end table, house plant. On Living Area tileset.

Decorative entities - furniture 2

From left to right: Pilot chair, rug, shelves, storage closet, storage table. On Living Area tileset.

Decorative entities - bathroom Edit

These non-critical entities aid in certain somewhat messy rituals in which human beings are compelled to partake.

  • ShowerHead
  • Shower
  • Sink
  • Toilet
Decorative entities - bathroom

From left to right: Shower (with showerhead inside), sink, toilet. On Bathroom tileset.

Decorations Edit

At the moment, there are only ceiling lights, of three different colours. These lights are the only source of light on board ship; if there are no lights, the player will have to use their flashlight to navigate the ship's interior, as the hull does not have any windows, and light has issues penetrating external doors (even when they are open). Even the computers don't emit light when not in use.

  • Light 1
  • Light 2
  • Light 3
Lights 1 (white) 2 (red) 3 (green) (Bridge tileset)

Lights, from left to right: Light 1 (white), Light 2 (red), Light 3 (green)

Lights (Living area tileset)

Lights, from left to right: Light 1 (white), Light 2 (red), Light 3 (green) showing their effect on a Living Area tileset