Rodina Wiki

Operations Computer

The Operations Computer allows you to review and control several aspects of your ship.

There are two screens to the Operations Computer:

Weapons Screen

The Weapons Screen allows you to choose the alternate weapon fire for your ship. During combat, you can switch between your standard lasers and the selected alternate weapon. If you want to change the alternate weapon, you will need to exit piloting and use the Operations Computer to change it. This is likely to be dangerous!

There are four alternate weapons:

Operations Computer - Weapons screen

Ship Screen

The Ship Screen monitors ship health, which goes up steadily when your ship is not in trouble due to some very sophisticated auto-repair systems.

It also monitors air pressure. This is zero when all the bulkhead doors are open, and the interior of the ship is exposed to the vacuum of space, but steadily increases as air is automatically replenished once the doors are closed.

It is rare that the air would be fully evacuated from the ship. One way this can happen is if you press "EMERGENCY OPEN ALL DOORS". There are very few reasons to do this, but one might be to stop a fire spreading. Be careful, as the sudden change in pressure could blow you out of the airlock! Also bear in mind that this won't work in-atmosphere, as there is no pressure differential.

Operations Computer - Ship screen