Note: This is a Guide for the normal mode of Rodina, it is currently including the story of Rodina 1.0, more story may be added in the future.


When you start normal mode you will get to enter your name, after you select your name, walk towards the green marker which represents your ship. After entering your ship head to the bridge and press "F" to start piloting your ship. After you complete the tutorial on flight basics, head to a pulsing white marker, once you get there land and pick up the ship cruise upgrade, you should now have unlocked a higher gear, use it to fly to some distant asteroids until you find a shard of Diaconium. You should now have unlocked the Limnal Drive, the game at this point will allow you to do what you want, however you are still limited in the planets you can visit, to go to Morena , you need to have a heating upgrade found in Jarilo or Perun, and to go to Veles , you need a acidic shield found in Morena. To progress the story you need communication decription keys, once you have 11 of them you may head to a 5th "planet" marker signifing an asteroid, once you get there you can pick up the 12th decryption key, concluding the 1.0 story.