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The Xenos are Rodina's enemy alien race and current inhabitants of the Zorica system. The Xeno can be found orbiting each of Rodina's four planets. There are currently four classes of ships:

Class Health Weapon 1 Weapon 2 Planets Inhabited
Scout 30 Scout Blaster N/A All + Asteroids
Bomber 300 Ring Blaster 1 Missile All
Sphere 100 Hail Blaster N/A Morena, Veles
Battleship 1000 Mega Blaster 4 Missiles Morena, Veles

Ship amounts vary as Rodina generates ship count on Planet arrival.

The Xenos can also be found on the Vanguard ruins, (Which are removed as of 1.2.4) and on planet surfaces where you can combat them in first person combat with using either the Blaster or Repeating Blaster weapon.